The Effect Motion Sensors Have on Burglars

August 28, 2021

The Effect Motion Sensors Have on Burglars

Keeping your home or business safe from intruders is one of the top priorities. Considering all the elements necessary to keep you safe and secure it can sometimes be a very daunting task.

Figuring out the best way to deter home intruders before they even make it to the door can save you a lot of unnecessary heartache. The good news is that burglars are often sent packing just because of motion sensor lights reacting to their presence. Motion sensor lights can be one of your home's greatest deterrents against home intrusion.

What do Home Security Motion Sensors do?

In the simplest terms, motion sensors sense motion and trigger your preferred device to activate. These devices can range from lights, doorbells, cellphone notifications, alerts to the security company, and more. The role motion sensors play is critical for the security of your home.

There are many different types of motion sensors, but the two that are typically used are PIR (Passive Infrared) and microwave sensors.

PIR: These motion sensors are the ones that are more commonly used for home security. They’re not necessarily better than other motion sensors. They are just more cost-effective and get the job done. The PIR motion sensor picks up heat signatures and motion and sends that information to trigger whatever source you directed it to. The PIR is a line of sight sensor, giving it a slight disadvantage to the microwave sensor.

Microwave: Microwave sensors send out waves that go out and bounce back to the sensor. This gives the microwave sensor a leg up against the PIR sensor as it can reach further, cover oddly shaped rooms, and even works in warmer temperatures when the PIR motion sensor cannot due to it needing to read the heat in order to sense movement.

The primary function of motion sensors is to identify a home intruder and alert the proper channel in order to keep you and your home safe. These sensors also work to alert you if your dog goes into a room that you don’t want them to, but I’m assuming that’s not why you are reading this article.

How do Motion Sensors Stop Burglars?

Short answer? They don’t. There is no inherent stopping power in the motion sensor alarms or lighting that will stop a burglar. That being said, burglars have a terrible desire to not be caught, and the devices triggered by motion sensors tend to make them feel like prison is right around the corner.

Depending on what your motion sensors are used for, you can deter a burglar in different ways. Let's take a look at a few options.

Motion Sensor Lights: Motion sensor lights are one of the greatest stoppers of a home intrusion before it even happens. Yes, lights do not actually create a barrier that stops a home intruder. That is true. But when the lights pop on as they are walking up to your driveway, they retreat quickly in fear of being caught. Strategically placed lights in areas that are not typically well lit will give you the advantage against potential home intruders.

Motion Sensor Cameras: Couple motion sensor cameras with lights, and you are capturing the home intruder before they reach the property. Again, fear of being caught is so intense that home intruders will flee at the mere possibility that their actions will lead them to jail. That being said, some burglars have a little more audacity than others and will look a camera in the eye as they attempt to open your door. These sensors are to deter and record what is happening so that you have evidence when it comes time to prosecute.

Motion Sensor Doorbell: A doorbell linked to a motion sensor is a major deterrent as it makes the home intruder feel that someone is right around the corner. With the vast majority of home intrusions happening during the day while you’re at work, assuming someone stopped by is very offputting and has the potential to save you the trouble of replacing your belongings. Half the battle in home security is deterring.

Motion Sensor Security Alerts: This sensor is the most active in stopping a home intruder as it alerts the security company and or your cell phone directly. Then you can choose to call your local law enforcement to arrest the home intruder. Depending on the home security package you have, your security company might even call the police for you so that your home and property are safe.

Intercom Motion Sensor Camera: Since the release of Ring Video Camera, people have been able to see who is at the door before they open it. They are even able to communicate with the person at the door to see what they need or instruct their Doordash driver to just leave the food at the door. This communication feature has come in handy when it comes to home intruders attempting to go in through the front door. When your phone alerts you of the intruder, you have the opportunity to either talk them out of it or inform them that the police are on the way. Again, this is simply a deterrent and not a physical barrier that will completely stop home intruders.

When deciding what you need for the security of your home, remember to think of it like an onion. Onions have layers that can be peeled away, leading to more layers. Your lights and cameras are one layer, your notifications are another, your door is another layer, and so on.

Consider Motion Sensors:

With the cost of motion sensor lights and cameras dropping, it is becoming increasingly affordable to add real deterrents outside of decoy lights and cameras. Your home's safety is too vital to be left up to chance.

When consulting with your home security specialist, remember to inquire about motion sensors for your home security needs. A few extra dollars on your defense system can save you thousands and could quite possibly save your life.