How to choose the right Security Company for you

September 10, 2021

How to Choose the Right Security Company for You

You've watched the news and are hearing about crime rates in your area spiking. You decide it is time for you to do what you can to keep your family and home safe. Finding a security company is the next step, but how do you know which one is right for you?

Looking at security companies can be stressful. What's more important? Reputation or services provided? Licensing or experience? While you might want to focus on either this or that, finding a company that has it all shouldn't be impossible.

10 Ways to Make the Best Choice for You

Deciding on the right security company shouldn't be a challenging task. You are already stressed about the safety of your family and home. This shouldn't cause you similar stress. Here are 10 things to focus on so that you can make the best choice for your security company.

1. Friends and Family: Chances are that you have a friend or family member that already has a security system installed. They have done their homework and know which company is best. Or maybe they didn't, but they know whether or not they like the company they use. Talk to them about the process they went through. Was it stressful? Did they make you feel comfortable? How do you feel about the current safety level of your home? Would you recommend them to others? Asking these questions can help you get a feel about the company they chose. This is not the end-all, though. They may feel comfortable with a poor choice. Keep researching.

2. Licensing: This should be a given, but there are a surprising amount of companies in operation without proper licensing. It is not uncommon for someone to assume that experience is enough. They will leave their current company and connect with suppliers and start operating on their own. While they may know everything from experience, having the proper licensing means they're doing it right. Make sure the company you choose to protect your home has done its due diligence. If they're skipping out on licensing, what other corners will they cut?

3. Insurance: Make sure that the company you choose to protect your family and home has proper insurance. You never know what might happen. Whether it be an installation accident or faulty wiring that causes damage, proper insurance can keep you protected. This falls back to the licensing issue. If they don’t find insurance to be a concern, how concerned are they about the safety of your family?

4. Certified Employees: It is not uncommon for some employees to not be certified. Some laws and regulations only require one person on each shift or site to have proper certification. Some companies will see this as a win because certification can be expensive. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your security system will be installed improperly. It just means that there is a chance that something may or may not be overlooked. Choosing a company where all employees have the proper certification ensures that your family is protected. Choose the company that goes the extra mile. You will thank yourself when a burglar is deterred before entering your home.

5. Integrity: Choosing a company that actively follows all the rules and regulations is a must. Cutting corners can be extremely easy and will save companies a lot of money. While they may never experience any problems, knowing that they’re not taking every required step is a problem. You want a company that you can trust. You want a company that is insured. You want a company that is licensed. You want a company that places your family and property as their number one priority. Choosing a company that does everything right and right the first time is a must.

6. History:Finding a company that has been around the block is also a must. With the rapid development of technology, you may consider choosing a company with new cutting-edge technology. That might make you feel good, but that doesn't instill confidence. Confidence is the peace of mind knowing that the company you choose has a track record of perfection. Confidence is knowing that you are working with a company that puts you before their bottom line. Confidence is knowing that the company you choose keeps up with the constant changes and properly integrates new technology. Choose a company that has a history of success.

7. Portfolio: If available, looking into some of the clients that rely on the company you are interested in is necessary. Knowing that larger businesses trust your security company is comforting. If a chain grocery store or bank trusts them, then maybe they will do right by you and your family. If they provide services to most of your community, then perhaps you can trust them for your needs as well. You feel you can trust a company that many others trusts.

8. Schedule Consultations: Don’t stop there. Schedule a consultation with various companies. Get a feel for who they are and what they offer so that you can make an educated decision. Invite them to your home. See what they think you need. Get to know the representative and their professionalism. Getting to know them in person will give you the tools to make the right choice.

9. Contract: Your contract will tell you a lot about the company you’re working with. You want to make sure that you are protected as well as them. If the contract is filled with more liability protections for them than for you, they might not have your best interest in mind. Your security company should be focusing on protecting your family or company where they are most vulnerable. Do your due diligence and ensure they are not taking advantage of you.

10. Your Gut: Make sure that the company you choose feels right for you. If the security specialist you consult with doesn't feel right, don't use them. If you're uncomfortable during any step in the process, you can back out. Don't let anyone make you feel like you are locked in before you are locked in. Your family is your number one priority, and if your gut says no, then so should you.

While there might be other things that you should look into, this can help guide you on your way to choosing the perfect company. Do your due diligence. Your family's safety is your number one priority.

Find the right security company that will put your family first today.